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Take a journey into the world of post-apocalyptic comics where the world as we know it has been shattered. In this roundup, we’ll explore the darkest corners of storytelling and the grisliest of fates. Buckle up as we dive headfirst into the most gripping stories, the most unforgettable characters, and the most dystopian worlds that comic creators have to offer. Join us in the countdown of post-apocalyptic comics that will leave you breathless and longing for the end of the world.

The Top 14 Best Post Apocalyptic Comics

  1. Beyond II: Queer Post-Apocalyptic & Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology — Beyond II: The Queer Post-apocalyptic & Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology brings together 26 captivating stories by 39 diverse contributors, featuring unforgettable queer characters and a thrilling blend of urban fantasy and post-apocalyptic comics.
  2. Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 2: Giant Spider & Me — Join Nagi and Asa in their post-apocalyptic journey as they forge friendships and face challenges in Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 2, now available in English paperback from Seven Seas.
  3. ApocalyptiGirl: A Post-Apocalyptic Epic of Cat and Human Survival — ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times” is a gripping post-apocalyptic science fiction graphic novel, featuring a woman on a quest for an ancient relic and a cat named Jelly Beans, all within the pages of a stunning second edition hardcover.
  4. Post-Apocalyptic Tale: A Giant Spider & Me — Experience the unique bond between a girl and a giant spider in Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 1, where love and delicious feasts unite them in a heartwarming mountain companion.
  5. Post-Apocalypto: Humorous Post-Apocalyptic Comic Adventure — Journey through the hilariously twisted, politically charged, and uniquely creative universe of Tenacious D in this unforgettable post-apocalyptic graphic novel.
  6. Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip Adventure Comic — In the desolate aftermath, two girls explore Japan’s iconic tourist spots, proving that adventure and sightseeing can thrive even after the end of days.
  7. Post-Apocalyptic Saga with Giant Spider Oleg — Get ready for the thrilling finale of Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale as the friendly spider takes on an epic post-apocalyptic adventure in Volume 3!
  8. Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip Adventure: Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 4 — Discover the thrilling adventures of Youko and Airi as they journey through the post-apocalyptic world in Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 4 — a gripping and visually stunning book!
  9. Killing Stalking: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 [Book] — Dark BL Horror Manga in English — Experience the thrilling Boys’ Love horror webtoon in a deluxe, full-color paperback edition, now available in English for the first time with special fold-out insert included in every volume.
  10. Post-Apocalyptic Adventure: The Walking Dead 14: No Way Out — Experience the heart-pounding post-apocalyptic adventure of “The Walking Dead” with durable, travel-friendly packaging that safely delivers thrilling suspense for readers of all ages.
  11. Vagabond: Apocalypse Issue — Post-Apocalyptic Tales & Art — Vagabond: Apocalypse Issue delivers a riveting post-apocalyptic comic book experience, featuring awe-inspiring tales from renowned speculative fiction authors, perfect for fans of unique, thought-provoking narratives.
  12. Marvel: Thor: Siege Aftermath [Comic Book] — Embark on an unforgettable post-apocalyptic thrill ride with Thor: Siege Aftermath, a powerful blend of horror and adventure, masterfully penned by Kieron Gillen and brought to life by Doug Braithwaite in this action-packed paperback from Marvel Comics.
  13. Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Box Set: Parables from the Apocalypse — In a planet-saving adventure, Book #1 of Parables From The Apocalypse introduces decorated war hero Colonel Chaz Sheperd and sets the stage for a thrilling race against time in the face of a relentless apocalypse.
  14. Post-Apocalyptic Comic Reboots the World — Post Apocalyptic Comics brings you a thrilling and thought-provoking tale of survival and the battle for power in the aftermath of the world’s end!

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Beyond II: Queer Post-Apocalyptic & Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology


Exploring the intriguing world of queer urban fantasy and post-apocalyptic narratives, Beyond II offers a fresh take on comic anthologies. With its impressive 26 stories by 39 contributors, this book showcases the exceptional talent of diverse creators, centering queer characters as the main protagonists of their thrilling adventures.

In my hands-on experience, Beyond II brought a newfound appreciation for the complexity of queer characters in these genres. The captivating stories ranged from mystical city fae to rebellious bicycle gangs, delving into the depths of recluse monster boyfriends and the enigmatic mermaids residing in the sewers. The softcover edition, spanning 350 pages of black and white comics, is a testament to the anthology’s dedication to embracing queer voices and pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

While the book is an overall delight, some may find the pacing of certain stories not to their liking or the lack of color in the illustrations challenging. Nonetheless, Beyond II remains a must-read for fans of urban fantasy and post-apocalyptic comics, pushing the creative envelope and celebrating queer representation in the genre.

Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 2: Giant Spider & Me


I recently read “Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 2” by Seven Seas. As a fan of comic books and post-apocalyptic stories, I was excited to dive into this world. The English language version was easy to understand and the paperback format made it portable.

The story follows Nagi as she befriends Belle and her father, despite their initial hesitations due to Nagi’s size. Their adventures take them to the morning market, where Nagi attempts to introduce her spider family to the rest of the world. Whether they receive a warm welcome or fear from the community remains to be seen.

Overall, the comic book offers an intriguing combination of post-apocalyptic drama and heartwarming friendship. While the giant spider may seem intimidating at first, the story shows that even the most unlikely beings can find common ground.

ApocalyptiGirl: A Post-Apocalyptic Epic of Cat and Human Survival


As a lover of post-apocalyptic tales, I recently stumbled upon the hardcover edition of ApocalyptiGirl by Dark Horse Comics. I was captivated by the intriguing premise of a woman’s quest, aided by her feline companion, for a potent relic that could offer respite in a desolate world. The stunning cover art and promise of unseen process material in this second edition intrigued me.

Upon reading, I found the story gripping and the characters well-developed. The intriguing narrative kept me engaged, and the beautiful illustrations enhanced my experience. However, I did feel that the pacing could have been smoother in a few parts, making the story flow more seamlessly.

Overall, ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times is a thrilling and visually captivating exploration of the human condition in the face of an apocalypse, one that I believe graphic novel enthusiasts will appreciate.

Post-Apocalyptic Tale: A Giant Spider & Me


I recently picked up Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 1, and it was quite an unexpected adventure! This isn’t your typical post-apocalypse story — instead of gritty action, we’re treated to a heartwarming tale of friendship between a girl named Nagi and, yes, a giant spider.

Living in the isolated mountains, both Nagi and the spider find solace in each other’s company. Their unlikely bond blossoms into sweet moments like sharing tea and picnics in the wilderness. It’s a delightful twist on the post-apocalyptic genre, reminding us that love and companionship can be found in the most unexpected places.

One striking feature of this novel is its paperback binding, which feels sturdy and comfortable to hold. I also appreciate that it was published in 2018, giving it a fresh, vibrant look. With just 180 pages, it makes for an engrossing read without being too overwhelming.

While there’s certainly a lightheartedness to the narrative, the world-building is still intriguing and thought-provoking. Despite the whimsical tone, there’s an underlying exploration of what it means to form meaningful connections with others in a world that’s been torn apart.

Overall, Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 1 is a refreshing and captivating addition to the genre, offering readers a truly unique post-apocalyptic experience filled with love, friendship, and a dash of adventure.

Post-Apocalypto: Humorous Post-Apocalyptic Comic Adventure


Post-Apocalypto, a captivating graphic novel, brings together the legendary duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass to embark on an epic journey in a world devastated by nuclear catastrophe. This hardback book, published by Fantagraphics, takes the reader on a roller coaster ride filled with humor, political satire, and unimaginable twists. As an avid comic book lover, I found myself drawn into the action-packed narrative, chuckling at the absurdity of Tenacious D’s exploits and gasping in shock at the unexpected turns in their quest to save humanity.

The graphic novel’s hardcover binding adds a robust and luxurious feel to the pages, making it a delight to hold and flip through. The accompanying audio, featuring the voices of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, elevates the experience and makes the story come to life. Though the content may not be suitable for all ages due to its intense themes and mature language, Post-Apocalypto is a daring and innovative addition to the post-apocalyptic comics genre.

Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip Adventure Comic


As I held this small paperback, “Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 1, “ and flipped through the pages, I was immediately transported by the tale of two girls surviving and sightseeing through a post-apocalyptic Japan. The book’s publisher, Little, Brown & Company, had a way of capturing the essence of hope amongst the ruins.

The pages were a vivid representation of desolate landscapes and the girls’ journey, turning what could have been a gloomy story into a fun and thrilling adventure. However, as I neared the end of the book, I felt a bit unsatisfied with the way the story concluded, making me wish there was an option for a continuation.

Post-Apocalyptic Saga with Giant Spider Oleg


As a lover of post-apocalyptic tales, I was excited to dive into the world of Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 3. The idea of living with a giant, fuzzy spider named Asa sounded like a fun, unique twist on the genre, and I was curious to see how the story would unfold.

From the very beginning, I was hooked by the charm and humor of Asa and his human companion, Nagi. Their adventures in this harsh, post-apocalyptic world were both thrilling and heartwarming, and I found myself rooting for the unlikely duo to overcome the challenges they faced.

One of the most notable highlights of this book was the beautiful artwork, which helped bring the world of Giant Spider & Me to life. The characters were lovingly detailed, and the landscapes were vibrant and evocative, making each page a joy to explore.

On the other hand, I felt that the pacing of the story was a bit rushed at times, which made it difficult to fully connect with each character and understand their motivations. Additionally, some of the plot twists were a bit predictable, which took away from the overall impact of the story.

Overall, Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Vol. 3 is a unique and entertaining addition to the post-apocalyptic genre. While it has its flaws, the heartfelt relationships and stunning artwork make it a worthwhile read for fans of the genre.

Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip Adventure: Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 4


I recently got my hands on Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 4, a captivating post-apocalyptic comic. As an avid comic lover, I was eager to dive into the world of Youko and Airi’s adventures. The book’s paperback binding felt smooth and sturdy in my hands, making it a delight to read.

The story follows Youko and Airi as they continue their leisurely journey through the desolate wastelands. Their experiences in Oarai and the breathtaking slopes of Nikko were beautifully illustrated, taking me on a mesmerizing visual tour. The best hidden spots of Saitama were also unveiled, adding a touch of mystery to the tale.

However, the transition from the Kanto region to the Japanese alps was a bit abrupt, and I found myself craving a smoother narrative flow. Nevertheless, the stunning illustrations of the Nagano Venus Line showcased the beauty of one of Japan’s best driving roads, which compensated for the minor hiccup.

Overall, Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 4 is a visually striking and engaging comic, boasting captivating post-apocalyptic adventures. It may have a few minor imperfections, but they do not overshadow the allure of the story and artwork.

Killing Stalking: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 [Book] — Dark BL Horror Manga in English


Just last month, I stumbled upon the “Killing Stalking: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1” and decided to give it a try. As someone who is a huge fan of thrilling tales, this deluxe edition version caught my attention.

The first edition of this story, which had been serialized in 2016, won numerous awards, including the grand prize in the 2nd Lezhin Comics World Comic Contest. This global phenomenon, translated into multiple languages, is finally available in an alluring full-color deluxe paperback edition! It’s an absolute treat for fans who have been eagerly waiting for its official release.

My experience with the book was quite exciting. It’s not your typical romance story; it’s more of a thrilling plot that explores the psychological aspects of love. It’s about a young man named Yoon Bum, who becomes obsessed with his crush, Sangwoo, to the point where he breaks into his house. However, things don’t go as planned; instead, he discovers a darker side of his beloved. It’s like getting sucked into a suspenseful whirlpool, where every page turn just deepens the mystery.

One aspect of this book that truly sets it apart is the way it’s designed. The deluxe edition, with its full-color paperback, is a fantastic touch that really adds to the reading experience. It’s like diving into a beautifully illustrated graphic novel where each page feels like a work of art.

That being said, there’s one downside to this otherwise perfect read. It’s a bit of a collector’s item, and because of that, it’s on the pricier side. However, for book enthusiasts who love thrillers, it’s undoubtedly worth the splurge.

In summary, the “Killing Stalking: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1” is a riveting read that combines psychological thriller and love story in a unique way. The full-color design of the deluxe edition adds a distinct touch of class, making it a valuable collector’s item. Despite its higher price point, it’s a recommended read for fans of the thriller genre.

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure: The Walking Dead 14: No Way Out


The Walking Dead 14: No Way Out” is a gripping addition to the post-apocalyptic comics collection by Image Comics. This volume promises more thrilling moments and heart-stopping decisions from the survivors of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s best-selling series. Its durable, safe for children, and travel-friendly packaging make it an essential read for comic enthusiasts.

Using the product in my daily life, I was impressed by its proper binding cover, which made it not only sturdy but also perfect for on-the-go reading. The captivating storyline kept me engaged and eager to turn the page. However, I also noticed that the larger number of undead and the constant battle for survival might be overwhelming for some, potentially creating a sense of despair rather than hope.

“The Walking Dead 14: No Way Out” is perfect for fans of the series who crave every thrilling moment, as it continues to explore the gritty world these survivors live in. Despite its dark themes, the book offers a sense of accomplishment as the characters stand firm in their battle against the undead.

Vagabond: Apocalypse Issue — Post-Apocalyptic Tales & Art


Intrigued by the post-apocalyptic theme, I picked up the second issue of this captivating series, “Vagabond: Apocalypse Issue. “ The compilation of stories from various talented speculative fiction authors was a delightful read. Each tale plunges us into a unique world, unraveling the aftermath of an apocalypse.

Charles Eugene Anderson’s “Deathball: Hunt For The Playoffs” was an adrenaline rush, while Denise E Dora’s “And Then What? “ kept me questioning until the end. Wayne Faust’s “More Precious Than Gold” touched my emotional side, and I was hooked.

Rebecca Hodgkins’s “The Working Class” explored societal norms post-apocalypse, and De Kenyon’s “King of Cats” was a regal tale that left me spellbound. Shannon Lawrence’s “Shelter From The Storm” provided a comforting yet chilling perspective.

The collection also included Russ Crossley’s “Scavengers, “ which took me on an adventure through desolate landscapes. Jim LeMay’s “A Fairy Rainbow” was a refreshing change, and Jamie Ferguson’s “After” forced me to contemplate the aftermath of disaster. The mystery of “Spindle Worms” by Lucy Taylor was a thrilling conclusion.

Overall, “Vagabond: Apocalypse Issue” is a must-read for those who enjoy exploring post-apocalyptic worlds and being transported by the vivid imaginations of visionary authors.

Marvel: Thor: Siege Aftermath [Comic Book]


I dove into “Thor: Siege Aftermath”, the epic post-apocalyptic comic book from Marvel Comics. This paperback masterpiece, published on November 15, 2010, is a thrilling ride filled with heavy metal horror and suspenseful adventures.

Kieron Gillen, a fan-favorite writer, expertly continues his bestselling and critically acclaimed THOR run, beautifully complemented by the artistry of Doug Braithwaite. The Asgardians battle a lingering menace, ingeniously engineered by Loki, that brings devastation and chaos into their lives.

As they struggle to recover from the battles of Siege, will they be able to withstand this new, ancient enemy or will they crumble under its relentless might? . The 96-page journey is a must-read for any Thor enthusiast! .

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Box Set: Parables from the Apocalypse


When I picked up Parables From The Apocalypse, I didn’t know the wild journey it would take me on. This five-book box set dives headfirst into a post-apocalyptic world with a gritty, no-holds-barred narrative. The story is centered around Colonel Chaz Shepherd and his comrades as they fight against an unthinkable enemy and navigate the ever-shifting political landscape.

What stood out to me was the way the author weaves the lives of these characters together. Each book brings new challenges and obstacles, forcing them to make difficult decisions and question their loyalties. There’s a mix of fast-paced action and deeper, emotional moments that really pull you in.

However, I did feel that some parts were more engaging than others. While there’s a well-crafted sense of urgency in the story, at times the pacing felt uneven, making me want to take a break. Additionally, some of the side characters felt a bit one-dimensional, making their motivations and actions harder to grasp.

In conclusion, Parables From The Apocalypse is a thrilling ride, but it’s not without its flaws. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic stories that combine action, drama and emotional depth, this box set might be worth your time. Just be prepared for moments where the pacing drags and the side characters may not leave as strong an impression.

Post-Apocalyptic Comic Reboots the World


As a reader who had the chance to dip into the eerie world of Post Americana, I was fascinated by the stark contrast between the dystopian wasteland and the advanced, fortified bunker that housed the American elites. The book’s immersive storytelling and intricate plot, along with the thought-provoking themes of power, survival, and revenge, really held my attention.

One standout aspect of Post Americana was its ability to deliver a gripping narrative even with a primarily dialogue-driven approach. The exchanges between characters were sharp and engaging, providing valuable insight into their personalities and motivations.

However, not everything about the book was perfect. At times, it could feel a bit overwhelming with its dense world-building and large cast of characters. Navigating through the different storylines and maintaining the focus on the main plot could be a challenge.

Overall, Post Americana proved to be an intriguing and engaging read. The book’s unique premise and thought-provoking themes make it a worthwhile addition to any collection of post-apocalyptic literature.

Buyer’s Guide

Are you a fan of comic books and post-apocalyptic tales? If so, this guide will provide you with essential features and considerations for selecting the best post-apocalyptic comic books. We’ll cover important aspects like artwork, storytelling, and themes to help you make an informed decision.

Consider the Artwork


Great post-apocalyptic comics often feature unique and detailed artwork that sets the mood and atmosphere. Look for comics with bold lines, dynamic compositions, and expressive characters. Consider the visual storytelling as well — well-crafted panel layouts, color palettes, and use of negative space can enhance the overall reading experience.

Quality of Storytelling

As with any comic book, the storytelling is critical. Look for comics with engaging plots, memorable characters, and thought-provoking themes. Consider the pacing and balance between action and dialogue, as this can influence your overall enjoyment of the story. Well-developed subplots and intriguing plot twists can also enhance the experience.

Themes and Genres

Post-apocalyptic comics can explore a wide range of themes and genres, from survival to societal rebuilding, and even supernatural elements. Decide which themes resonate with you and align well with your preferences. Some comics might lean towards more action-oriented narratives, while others may focus on character development or introspective reflections on humanity.


Reputation of the Creator

Talented creators can breathe new life into a genre, and their personal styles and contributions may make all the difference in your post-apocalyptic comic book experience. Look into the background, experience, and artistic achievements of the writers or artists involved in the comic. Established creators often have a track record of success, but up-and-coming talents could offer fresh perspectives and unique approaches to storytelling.

Price and Availability

Finally, consider the cost and availability of the post-apocalyptic comic books you’re interested in. Are they within your budget? Are they readily accessible in local comic shops or online retailers? Compare prices and shipping options to find the best deal for your needs.



What are post-apocalyptic comics?

Post-apocalyptic comics are graphic narratives that explore what happens after a catastrophic event. These can be caused by natural disasters, human actions, or even extraterrestrial interventions. Post-apocalyptic comics often focus on the struggle of individuals and communities to survive and rebuild in a harsh and unforgiving world.

What are some popular post-apocalyptic comics?

Popular post-apocalyptic comics include The Walking Dead, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Y: The Last Man. These series offer unique perspectives on a destroyed world and the resilience of humanity.


What themes do post-apocalyptic comics cover?

Post-apocalyptic comics often explore themes of survival, resilience, desperation, and morality. They address the challenges of rebuilding society from scratch and the dangers of succumbing to fear and despair.

What is the difference between post-apocalyptic and post-pocalypse comics?

The terms “post-apocalyptic” and “post-apocalypse” are often used interchangeably, but they can have slightly different meanings. “Post-apocalyptic” refers to the events that occur after the apocalypse itself. “Post-apocalypse” refers to the period of time that follows the disaster or the ending of a large-scale cataclysm. While both terms cover similar ground, “post-apocalypse” can encompass broader societal or cultural changes that occur in the aftermath of the apocalypse.

Who are some popular creators in the post-apocalyptic comics genre?


Popular creators in the post-apocalyptic comics genre include Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead), Frank Miller (creator of 300 and Sin City), and Brian K. Vaughan (creator of Y: The Last Man and Saga). These creators have helped define the genre and have contributed to its popularity.

What makes post-apocalyptic comics different from other genres?

Post-apocalyptic comics stand out for their heavy emphasis on survival and the challenges of rebuilding society. They often require readers to suspend their disbelief as they immerse themselves in a world where the status quo has been upended. Additionally, post-apocalyptic comics can offer commentaries on societal issues and provide cautionary tales about the consequences of human actions and greed.

Are there any ongoing post-apocalyptic comics?

Yes, there are several ongoing post-apocalyptic comics. Some notable examples are The Walking Dead, which features a world overrun by zombies, and Invincible, where Earth is invaded by aliens. Continuous comics allow readers to follow the characters and their journeys over extended periods, creating immersive experiences.

What are some lesser-known post-apocalyptic comics that are worth checking out?

Some lesser-known post-apocalyptic comics that are worth checking out include The Rise of Aurora, I Am Legend, and The Last Man Standing. These series offer unique perspectives on the post-apocalyptic experience and may be worth exploring for fans of the genre.

Is there a specific target audience for post-apocalyptic comics?

Post-apocalyptic comics typically appeal to fans of science fiction, horror, and dystopian fiction. However, they can also engage readers who are interested in survival stories or are intrigued by explorations of morality and humanity in extreme circumstances.