Molle Holster Adapter

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If you’re an enthusiast of outdoor activities or hunting, chances are high that you’re always looking for ways to improve your gear. The Molle Holster Adapter is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their holster system. Created with a simple yet effective design, this product offers a range of features that cater to various needs. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Molle Holster Adapters and explore the key features that make them a remarkable product. So buckle up as we take you on a journey to discover these innovative adapters, ensuring your holster experience is nothing short of exceptional.

The Top 13 Best Molle Holster Adapter

  1. MOLLE ShapeShift Modular Holster Expansion Pack — Unleash the versatility of your Alien Gear Modular Holster System with the ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack — an innovative, durable, and Made in the USA holster adapter designed for any PALS webbing application.
  2. Universal Molle Holster Adapter for Off-Road Vehicles — The Cali Raised LED Universal Molle Holster Mount delivers versatile and durable holster storage for off-road enthusiasts, offering essential convenience and safety during extreme adventures.
  3. Versatile MOLLE Adapter for Compatible Bags and Backpacks — Molle Adapter Insert 2 Olive Green offers a versatile 2-row PALS ribbon layout, compatible with a range of backpacks, bags, and side packs from Urban, Range, and Bushcraft lines, ensuring a secure and customizable fit for your gear.
  4. Safariland Molle Holster Adapter for Versatile Attachment — Effortlessly attach and customize your Safariland holsters and accessories with the versatile TMA-1–2-MS16 Tactical Molle Adapter Black, designed for a quick and secure fit to any MOLLE loop-equipped apparel.
  5. Versatile Molle Adapter for HRT Tactical Gear Carriers — Upgrade your MOLLE-based system with the HRT Zip-On Panel MOLLE Adapter, allowing seamless compatibility with HRT back panels and featuring durable YKK Zippers for long-lasting performance.
  6. Comfortable MOLLE Holster Adapter for Versatile Carry Options — The Blue Force Gear Holster Adapter Kit provides a comfortable and accessible carry with a one-size-fits-best approach, seamlessly attaching to Blue Force Gear belts and accommodating up to 7 different draw angles.
  7. MOLLE Holster Adapter for Enhanced Comfort and Stability — Eliminate unwanted movement with the True North Concepts MHA03 Modular Holster Adapter in OD Green, featuring custom-designed durability and seamless functionality!
  8. Molle-Compatible Tasmanian Tiger Harness Adapter — Add versatility to your backpack with the Tasmanian Tiger Harness MOLLE Adapter — designed to secure MOLLE-equipped pouches and accessories to shoulder straps.
  9. Secure MOLLE Holster Adapter for Versatile Attachment — Securely attach Safariland holsters and accessories to your MOLLE loop-equipped apparel with ease, thanks to the versatile adjustable cant Molle Adapter!
  10. Versatile MOLLE Holster Adapter for Custom Positions — The Blackhawk T-Series MOLLE Adapter provides a flexible and secure carry solution for MOLLE-based applications, with a compact design, customizable rotation angle, and compatibility with all T-Series and Serpa Duty holsters.
  11. Modular Holster Adapter for MOLLE Tactical Belts — The True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter is a rugged and versatile solution for enhanced holster stability and compatibility, designed to eliminate unwanted movement and provide reliable carry options for various holster systems.
  12. Blade-Tech Molle-Lok: Customizable Gear Mounting Solution for Tactical Equipment — Keep your gear secure and organized with Blade-Tech’s 3" Molle-Lok attachment pair, perfect for holsters, mag pouches, and more.
  13. Safariland Tactical Molle Holster Adapter with MLS 16 Locking Fork — Unlock unparalleled versatility and security with the Safariland TMA MOLLE Adaptor — a game-changing solution for your tactical accessories needs.

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MOLLE ShapeShift Modular Holster Expansion Pack


I’ve been using the ShapeShift Expansion Pack with my Alien Gear holster system for a while, and it really has made my carry experience a breeze. This adaptable holster is perfect for attaching to your PALS webbing on a range of gear, whether you’re wearing it as a tactical vest, on a body armor or clothing belt, or even a bug-out-bag. The MOLLE-compatible design ensures that your holster remains securely in place, but you can still easily transfer it to other gear as needed.

One of my favorite features of this holster adapter is the 360-degree rotational cant angle that it offers, allowing me to quickly swap between carrying configurations. I love the versatility it brings to my carry system, allowing me to customize my setup to my individual needs and lifestyle. The fact that I can use this expansion pack with a firearm-specific ShapeShift Modular Holster Shell makes it an essential piece of my carry setup.

However, one downside of this system is that the ShapeShift Holster Shell is not included with the expansion pack, meaning that you’ll need to purchase a separate shell for each firearm you’d like to carry in this system. This creates an additional cost to the user, but overall, I believe the flexibility and customization it offers are well worth it. If you’re looking to build a completely customized carry system, this ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack could be the perfect addition to your setup.

Universal Molle Holster Adapter for Off-Road Vehicles


The Molle Holster Mount from Cali Raised LED is the one accessory you never knew you needed for your off-road adventures. As an off-road enthusiast, I can’t stress enough the importance of having easily accessible gear, especially if you’re venturing into rough terrain.

This universal mount is designed specifically for Kydex clip holsters, making it an excellent solution for securing your firearms and other equipment. One standout feature is its durability — the mount is crafted from 12 GA CRS, ensuring it’ll take any rough patches thrown its way. It’s not just sturdy, but it’s also easy to install, making it compatible with various off-road vehicles, from trucks to ATVs.

The best part? Accessibility. With the Molle Holster Mount in your rig, you’ll never have to juggle through gear to get to the necessary equipment when disaster strikes. It’s a game-changer for off-road gear organization, and a must-have for safeguarding valuables.

Versatile MOLLE Adapter for Compatible Bags and Backpacks


I recently had the chance to try out the Helikon-Tex Molle Adapter Insert 2 in Olive Green, and I must say, I’m quite impressed with its functionality and durability. The Cordura fabric gives it a sturdy feel, which I appreciate when it comes to accessories that will be attached to my gear. The two rows of PALS in two columns make it versatile and compatible with a variety of equipment, such as backpacks, bags, and side packs.

One of the standout features for me was the Velcro panel, which makes attachment and removal a breeze. Additionally, the compatibility with the Versatile Insert System is a plus, as it provides even more options for customization. However, I did notice that the weight is slightly heavier than some similar products on the market, but that didn’t seem to hinder its performance.

Overall, I’m pleased with the Helikon-Tex Molle Adapter Insert 2 and would recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and versatile accessory for their gear. Its durable build, compatibility with various equipment, and ease of use make it a standout product in its category.

Safariland Molle Holster Adapter for Versatile Attachment


I’ve been using the Safariland TMA-1–2-MS16 Tactical Molle Adapter Black for a while now in my daily life, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. Attaching to any MOLLE loop-equipped apparel, it provides a quick, easy, and secure attachment for a holster or any desired accessory. The included Philips screw-driver ensures a smooth installation process.

My favorite feature of this molle holster adapter is its adjustable cant, allowing for various orientations and angles to suit my own preferences. Additionally, the fork design makes it extremely simple to attach pouches and holsters to vests.

It’s unfortunate that I haven’t come across any reviews from other users yet, but I’ve grown confident in its functionality and durability throughout my regular use. A 30-day warranty also gives me peace of mind in my purchase. Overall, the Safariland TMA-1–2-MS16 Tactical Molle Adapter Black has proven to be a reliable and user-friendly product in my daily life.

Versatile Molle Adapter for HRT Tactical Gear Carriers


The HRT Tactical Gear Zip-On Panel MOLLE Adapter has been a lifesaver in my daily life. One day, I found myself lacking a comfortable gear setup for a hike, and this product came to my rescue. Using the 6-row palls webbing, I was able to add the HRT half or total back panels to my existing carrier, making it the perfect fit.

The 500 Denier Cordura fabric and YKK Zippers provided durability, ensuring the adapter would last through multiple hikes. However, the Velcro attachment mount type might be a bit tricky to secure initially. Overall, it’s a versatile and functional addition to any gear system.

Comfortable MOLLE Holster Adapter for Versatile Carry Options


Imagine being a law enforcement officer who needs a reliable and comfortable holster for their weapon. That’s where the Blue Force Gear Hlstr Hngr Adptr Kit comes in handy. Unlike traditional holsters that are bulky and uncomfortable, this Holster Adapter has a contoured mid-drop offset for a seamless and accessible carry. The low-profile bolts attaching it to the belt make it easy to wear, and the MOLLEminus fields provide an added layer of security.

One of the best features of this holster adapter is its versatility. It accommodates 7 different draw angles and is designed to work with common 3-screw mounts, making it compatible with a wide range of holsters. The subtle contoured shape of the adapter also ensures a comfortable fit against the hip, eliminating the need for rigid belt loops. All in all, the Blue Force Gear Holster Adapter is a game-changer for those seeking a reliable and comfortable holster for their duty belt.

MOLLE Holster Adapter for Enhanced Comfort and Stability


I’ve been using the True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter OD Green MHA03 for quite some time now, and it has made a significant difference in my everyday carry. This adaptation has eliminated the usual movement, flex, and sliding issues I experienced with factory polymer belt adapters.

One of the standout features is its versatility. I can mount it directly to the belt itself, on the MOLLE webbing found on belts like Ronin, Ferro Bison, and similar ones. Additionally, I’ve found the tech-lock feature to be quite useful for added attachment modularity.

Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with this product. It may take a bit of setting up, but once you have it dialed in, you’ll love it too.

Molle-Compatible Tasmanian Tiger Harness Adapter


The Tasmanian Tiger Harness MOLLE Adapter has been an essential part of my outdoor adventures. The laser cut MOLLE system made it easy to attach various accessories, such as my sunglasses and smartphone, right to the shoulder straps of my backpack.

The 25mm webbing allowed quick and secure attachment, and even the bungee cord fixation option for equipment was convenient. The material, 100% Polyamide Cordura 700 den, provided durability and held up well through multiple trips.

However, I noticed that my accessories still needed to line up perfectly with the Tasmanian Tiger logo on the adapter, which can be challenging when trying to align multiple pieces of gear. Despite this minor inconvenience, this MOLLE adapter has become an essential item for all my backpacking trips.

Secure MOLLE Holster Adapter for Versatile Attachment


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Safariland Tactical Molle Adapter (TMA) while attending a tactical training course. This attachment provides a quick, easy, and secure way to mount holsters or accessories onto any MOLLE loop-equipped apparel. One of the standout features for me was how the product threads directly through MOLLE loops, allowing you to attach pouches or holsters to your vest with confidence.

One aspect I found a bit challenging was the requirement for a Phillips screwdriver. However, once I had everything set up, the adapter worked like a charm, providing a reliable and snug attachment to my gear. It was particularly useful when moving between different locations and situations during the training exercise.

In conclusion, the Safariland TMA impressed me with its ease of use and security when mounting holsters on MOLLE gear. It’s not perfect, but overall, I found it to be a valuable addition to my tactical toolkit.

Versatile MOLLE Holster Adapter for Custom Positions


The Blackhawk T-Series MOLLE Adapter is a game-changer for those who constantly adjust their carry setup. With its user-selectable rotation, it ensures a customized position for the provided T-Series Quick Detach. The ratcheting system accommodates various MOLLE designs, while the compact design uses only two rows of MOLLE. Made in the USA, this adapter stands out for its ability to remove unwanted movement and works seamlessly with all T-Series and Serpa Duty holsters.

In my experience, using the Blackhawk T-Series MOLLE Adapter made it incredibly easy to switch out between different holsters without ever having to take off my belt. The flexibility it offers is truly appreciated, and the added convenience of the ratcheting system is a definite plus. However, I found that the mount can be a bit rigid at times, which might affect the overall smoothness of the rotation. All in all, it’s a solid choice for those who value versatility and customization in their carry setup.

Modular Holster Adapter for MOLLE Tactical Belts


My experience with the Modular Holster Adapter from True North Concepts has been a game-changer for my gun belt setup. The adapter’s rigidity and versatility have made a significant difference in the stability and efficiency of my holster system.

One of the most impressive features is the elimination of unwanted movement, flex, and sliding that I used to experience with my old factory polymer belt adapter. The use of Type 3 MIL-SPEC hard coat anodized aluminum not only adds durability but also maintains a sleek appearance.

I particularly appreciate the compatibility with various holster types and mounting systems, including ones commonly used in my line of work. The modular design has allowed me to customize my holster setup to suit my needs, providing a perfect fit for my preferred gun belt and quick release mounts.

However, on a slightly disappointing note, I encountered an issue with a missing hardware component during my initial installation. Nonetheless, it was a small setback, and True North Concepts’ support team promptly assisted me in resolving the issue.

Overall, the Modular Holster Adapter has greatly enhanced my daily carry experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone in search of a sturdy, adaptable belt adapter.

Blade-Tech Molle-Lok: Customizable Gear Mounting Solution for Tactical Equipment


As someone who has been using the Blade-Tech Molle-Lok attachment pair for quite some time now, I must say, I’m quite impressed. The convenience and versatility it provides when attaching your gear have truly made a difference in my daily life.

One of the most noticeable features of this product is the ease of use and stability it offers. The spring-loaded pin and lock system securely snap into place, making it incredibly simple to attach and detach gear. Its compatibility with a wide range of gear like holsters, mag pouches, and light pouches is a game-changer.

The material used in the Blade-Tech Molle-Lok, impact-modified nylon 6/6, is top-notch. It’s durable and robust, far superior to other knockoffs I’ve tried. The locking mechanisms are functional and easy to operate when needed.

However, there is one point of improvement that I’d like to mention. While the product includes all the necessary hardware with the attachments, there could be a bit more flexibility in the size of the screws and posts. Sometimes fitting them perfectly can be a bit challenging. It might be worth considering some variability in the sizes of the parts included.

Other than this minor caveat, I’m thoroughly pleased with the Blade-Tech Molle-Lok attachment pair. It’s definitely worth the investment, especially for those who are into outdoor or tactical gear. With its premium build quality and functionality, this product is a reliable companion for all your gear mounting needs.

Safariland Tactical Molle Holster Adapter with MLS 16 Locking Fork


As a tactical gear enthusiast, I recently had the chance to try out the Safariland TMA Tactical Molle Adapter with MLS 16 Locking Fork. The first thing I noticed was how easily it was able to fit onto my existing Safariland holster. The adjustable cant feature allowed me to customize the angle and orientation of my holster, making it perfect for my unique stance.

The MLS 16 Locking Fork provided a secure attachment to various pouches and holsters, ensuring that everything stayed in place during my daily activities. While there were no major drawbacks to this product, it would be nice to see more options for different holster sizes and styles. Overall, the Safariland TMA MOLLE Adaptor with MLS 16 Locking Fork is a great addition to any tactical gear setup and has become an essential part of my daily carry.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for Molle Holster Adapters. This guide aims to provide you with essential information, features, and considerations to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a Molle Holster Adapter.


What is a Molle Holster Adapter?

A Molle Holster Adapter, also known as a Molle Pouch or Molle Bag, is a versatile accessory designed for firearms and equipment. This adapter allows users to attach their holster or pouch to a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing system, providing flexibility and convenience for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, and military personnel.

Important Features to Consider

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the Molle Holster Adapter you choose is compatible with your holster or equipment.
  • Material: Durable materials like polyester or nylon are ideal for outdoor use, providing protection from the elements and ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Size: Select the correct size to accommodate your holster or gear; some adapters come in various sizes to suit your needs.
  • Adjustability: Look for adapters with adjustable straps that allow for a snug fit and easy attachment to MOLLE webbing.
  • Weight: Consider the weight of the adapter, especially if you plan to carry it for extended periods.
  • Price: Compare prices and features to find a Molle Holster Adapter that offers good value for money.

General Advice and Tips

  1. Research and read reviews: Before making a purchase, take the time to research and read reviews from other users to gain insights into the product’s performance, compatibility, and overall satisfaction.
  2. Size and weight: Be mindful of the size and weight of the Molle Holster Adapter, ensuring it is suitable for your specific needs and the environment in which you will use it.
  3. Quality and durability: Invest in a high-quality, durable Molle Holster Adapter to ensure maximum performance and longevity.
  4. Customization: Look for adapters that offer customization options, such as different colors or attachment points, to personalize your setup.
  5. Customer support: Choose a vendor or brand that provides excellent customer support, ensuring you have access to assistance in case of any issues or questions.

A Molle Holster Adapter is an essential accessory for anyone who needs to carry their firearm or equipment securely and conveniently. By considering the features outlined in this buyer’s guide, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect Molle Holster Adapter to suit your needs.



What is a Molle Holster Adapter?

A Molle Holster Adapter is a versatile accessory designed to help secure and hold holsters for firearms or other gear, such as knives or tools, onto MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible bags, vests, or belts. These adapters come in various sizes and styles, enabling users to customize their loadout and easily switch between items.

What materials are Molle Holster Adapters typically made of?

Molle Holster Adapters are usually made of high-strength, lightweight materials such as aluminum, polymer, or a combination of both. These materials provide durability, resistance to wear and tear, and a low profile, making them ideal for tactical and outdoor applications.


How do I install a Molle Holster Adapter on my gear?

To install a Molle Holster Adapter, you’ll first need to locate the MOLLE webbing on your bag, vest, or belt. The adapter typically features a set of Velcro or hook-and-loop straps that can be attached to the webbing. Simply wrap the straps around the webbing and secure them under or over the adapter, ensuring a snug fit. Once the adapter is in place, you can mount your chosen holster or gear onto it.

Can I use a Molle Holster Adapter with any type of holster or gear?

While Molle Holster Adapters are compatible with most standard holsters and gear, it’s essential to check the dimensions and compatibility specifications of the adapter and your chosen item. Some adapters may have specific requirements for the size and shape of the holster or gear, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult with a knowledgeable sales representative if you’re unsure.


Are Molle Holster Adapters suitable for tactical applications?

Yes, Molle Holster Adapters are designed for tactical and outdoor use, providing secure and convenient mounting options for firearms, knives, tools, and other gear. Their low profile design makes them ideal for concealed carry and discreet loadouts, while their durability ensures reliable performance in challenging environments.

What is the difference between a single and double molle holster adapter?

  • A single Molle Holster Adapter is designed to accommodate one holster or gear item, while a double adapter allows for the attachment of two separate items.
  • Double adapters may be more suitable for carrying larger firearms or multiple smaller items, depending on the user’s preferences and requirements.

How do I properly maintain my Molle Holster Adapter?

To maintain your Molle Holster Adapter, regularly inspect it for signs of wear, damage, or loose connections. Keep the adapter clean by wiping it down with a mild detergent and water solution, then allow it to air dry completely. Avoid exposing the adapter to extreme temperatures, humidity, or corrosive environments, as this can affect its performance and longevity.

What are some popular brands of Molle Holster Adapters?

Some popular brands of Molle Holster Adapters include Tactical Warehouse, Condor Outdoor, and Federal Holster. These brands offer a variety of sizes, styles, and material options to suit different user needs and preferences.